followthis — raise traffic and gain frequent readers

    followthis is a straightforward plugin for WordPress-based blogs and other websites. It helps you to transform randomly topic-interested surfers who visits one of your articles into frequently recurring readers of your blog. This will increase your traffic.
    Do you run a blog about kitesurfing?
    Or a music-related blog?
    Are you enthusiastic about art?
    Or do you earn money with a news page?

    The followthis topic box helps your readers finding their way back

    Here is how it works:

    Readers see the articles main topics right beneath it.

    He just clicks the one he wishes to follow.

    Every time you write about that topic again, we direct the followthis users directly to your website.

    How to get followthis in 3 easy steps:

    1. Install the plugin on your WordPress blog.
    2. Register your blog in the followthis system. The link to registration will appear directly after you activated the downloaded plugin.
    3. After your registration we will have a look on your blog and activate the topic box for your blog. (Please understand that right now, we are only able to handle English and German written blogs. We are working on more languages. Coming soon!)

    Get followthis

    Do you want to integrate the followthis topic box manually?

    Do you run another CMS or do you wish to use the followthis topic box only on certain pages of your website?

    Here you may find a description of how to integrate the topic box manually.

    Manual integration

    Why should I get followthis? Because of these 5 benefits:

    Increase of traffic and visitors

    Your readers get the followthis journal with new articles of your website in a requested frequency.

    Develop recurring readers

    The followthis topic box enables you to develop recurring readers even from occasional or singular visitors.

    Insights about your readers

    With followthis you can keep track of the topics which are of special interest for your readers.

    Setup in 2 minutes

    The setup is easy and can be done in a few minutes, either as WordPress plugin or with HTML code.

    Additional benefit against RSS feeds or own newsletter

    RSS feeds and own newsletters are mainly used by recurring readers. The followthis topic box is an easy way to also retain first time visitors to your service.

    Click here for a sample blog:

    Questions & Answers

    • How does the followthis topic box work?

      To embed the followhis topic box in your website does not take longer then a few minutes. Within the topic box the main topics of your article are automatically summed up. With one click on a specific topics the reader „follows“ this topic now. If you write another article about the same topics the reader will get the link to your website delivered in his journal. When he clicks that link he will be directed to your website again.

    • What benefits do I get?

      You gain new readers and subscribers. New readers, who have never heard of your website or your blog before („outside of their box“) will see your website recommended in their journal. This will happen if their selected topics are alike the topics on your page or your articles or posts. By choosing specific topics they set an "anchor" on your page. Hence they will not only visit your website once, but keep coming back if the topics will match again.

    • Do I get new readers through followthis?

      Yes, this is the main purpose of followthis. We want you to gain new readers to become recurrent readers. Additionally, followthis user can subscribe any topic, independently from a specific website. If one of your published article hits such a topic, the user will get to know about you in his journal and may come to your website to find out more.

    • Anything to consider during the setup process?

      The setup is pretty simple and usually done in a few minutes. You can either download the WordPress plugin or you can get the HTML Code from us. In this case, just ask us. We are happy to help you. As soon as we provide plugins for other content management systems (CMS) we will let you know here.

    • What is the difference to RSS?

      RSS usually delivers all and every article of a website after subscribing to an RSS feed. As a result, most of the following updates are ignored, because only some of them are of interest for the reader. followthis only delivers news about topics the reader subscribed. He receives a journal at times when he wish to receive it. It can be daily, or bi-weekly, or every Saturday.

    • I already have a newsletter, what for do I need followthis?

      followthis is an additional way to gain readers for your website resp. gain recurrent readers. RSS feeds and newsletters are mainly used by recurrent readers. followthis is a comprehensive system which users can use with one click. If a user chooses to follow a specific topic on another website he will possibly get to know your website too, if you write about similar issues.

    • Why are not all keywords shown in the topic box?

      The topics in the topic box are ususally generated from the referenced keywords. If there are no keywords, the most common topics from the text will be filtered. They will be balanced against keywords in the followthis database to show the most significant topics.
    • How does the readers receive my articles?

      If your articles, which contain the followthis topic box, meet the chosen topics of a reader, your articles will automatically be teasered to our readers in their daily or weekly journal with a short description and a link to your website. We want the reader to consume the article on your website.

    • followthis is free. How do you make money?

      Indeed, followthis is completely free for you as a publisher as well as for the followthis readers. followthis earns money with integrating advertising on news feeds, the followthis journal, and the topic pages in some cases.

    • How to deactivate the plugin?

      You can deactivate the CMS plugin or remove the HTML code from your blog at any time. This means no more posts from you will be delivered to the readers.

    • May I use followthis for other blogs, too?

      Of course. You can embed followthis on as many websites as you want. You only have to setup and activate the plugin on each website. To help the readers to subscribe to your different websites, you get different profiles for each website on followthis.

    • Does followthis only work with blogs or with static websites as well?

      The WordPress plugin was developed for blogs and posts. But it’s easy to embed the HTML code manually for other page templates, too. Just contact us, we will be happy to help.

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